Jazz build Ant task reference

The Ant build toolkit contains Ant tasks that communicate build status and results to the Jazz® Team Server.

To use these Ant tasks in your scripts, from installdir/buildsystem/buildtoolkit/BuildToolkitTaskDefs.xml, where installdir is the location where you installed the Ant build toolkit, copy the various taskdef entries in the BuildToolkitTaskDefs.xml file to your project's Ant script. You can also use your Ant script to import the taskdef file.

Note: If you use command line builds that need to call out to the Ant toolkit, add the location of the buildtoolkit directory to the Ant library path when invoking Ant. Typically, you perform this task by invoking Ant with the -lib argument. For example: ant -f build.xml -lib installdir/buildsystem/buildtoolkit.
Note: For information about automating the builds of applications using the Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere Software build utility (the build utility), see Automate the builds of applications.
Important: The version of the build toolkit is available in a file called VERSION under <installdir>/buildsystem/buildtoolkit.

Build users

The Ant build toolkit and Jazz Build Engine require a user name and password to log in to the Jazz repository. Use the following techniques to help you manage build users:

  • Create a separate build user.
  • Provide JazzUsers repository role permissions.
  • Assign a Build System client access license to the build user.
  • Provide process permissions for Engineering Workflow Management source control and build operations in the project and team areas that are associated with the relevant Jazz Build Engines and their supported build definitions.
  • Use a password file rather than specifying the password directly on the command line or in Ant task invocations. Use the Jazz Build Engine –createPasswordFile option to create an encrypted password file that you can use with Ant tasks and the Jazz Build Engine. For more information, see How can I avoid the build user password from appearing on the command line and in scripts on Jazz.net.
    Note: The password file is not strongly encrypted. Any user with access to the file can potentially decrypt it. Set appropriate operating-system file permissions on the password file to prevent access from anyone other than the user who runs the Jazz Build Engine and the Ant tasks. The main benefit of using a password file instead of the password command-line argument (for the Jazz Build Engine) or password attribute (for Ant tasks) is to avoid the password being repeated in the clear in build scripts and the shell history.

You can authenticate by using any of the following methods:

  • -userId user_id -pass password
  • -userId user_id -passwordFile password_file_path
  • -userId user_id -repositoriesFile repositories_file_path
  • -certificateFile certificate_file_path -pass password
  • -smartCard -userId user_id
  • -kerberos
  • -integratedWindows