Generating z/OS® build metadata automatically by using the system definitions generator

Use the system definitions generator on the Eclipse client to create data set definitions, translators, and language definitions without using an editor. Also, use the system definitions generator to do custom Ant tasks.

Before you begin

Before you can use the system definitions generator, you must complete these steps:

  • Install and configure the Jazz® Team Server
  • Create a project area.
  • Modify the process configuration so that you are authorized to save data set definitions, language definitions, and translators.
  • Install and configure the Eclipse client.
    • Ensure that you defined a repository connection from the client to the Jazz Team Server and that you are connected to your project area.
    • If a data set definition, language definition, or translator artifacts with the same ID exists in multiple project areas, the system definitions generator can fail. To ensure that the system definitions generator does not fail, use one of the following methods:
      • Select the resolvemetadata target to associate files in this project area with those artifacts you created in another project area.
      • Specify the -team.enterprise.systemdefinition.toolkit.checkDuplicateItems=true argument on the Main tab of the Edit Configuration pane when you run the system definitions generator.