Creating a password file using the sample BLZBPASS job

You can use a sample JCL BLZBPASS job, which is provided with the SMP/E package, to protect any file with an encrypted password.

About this task

You can create a file containing an encrypted password using a sample JCL BLZBPASS job provided with the SMP/E package. You can specify the file location and the encrypted password using the parameters specified in the job. You can use this password file in your build scripts. View the sample JCL for more details.
Note: The encrypted password file format changed in Engineering Workflow Management version 4.0, but you do not have to create your password files again, because the code can read password files from previous releases. The new format is binary-compatible among platforms. You can create a new password file for z/OS® using the sample BLZBPASS job, or by using a Jazz® Build Engine on another platform (such as Windows), and then transferring the output to z/OS in binary mode. For more information about creating encrypted password files on other platforms, see Creating encrypted password files.


  1. Configure member BLZBPASS in hlq.SBLZSAMP using the instructions contained in the sample JCL.
  2. Submit the modified JCL. The job must end with a return code 0.
  3. Do not save the modified JCL with any password associated with it.