Removing a synchronization root

You can remove existing synchronization roots.

About this task

To remove a synchronization root:


  1. Open the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) client. You must be logged on to a host that can access the Rational® ClearCase® view that is associated with the synchronized stream.
  2. Open the ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view and select a stream to which you would like to add files and folders.
  3. Click the Select Files to Synchronize (Select Files to Synchronize icon) icon.
  4. On the Select Files To Synchronize page, select Select files and folders in ClearCase.
  5. To show the list of files and folders that are currently being synchronized, select Show currently synchronized objects in the table.
  6. Select the synchronization roots to remove, click Remove, and then click Finish.

What to do next

A synchronization is requested, and the removal of the synchronization roots is completed.