Configuring a synchronized stream to support UCM projects that are enabled for Rational ClearQuest

After you create a synchronized stream to use for synchronizing UCM projects that are enabled for Rational® ClearQuest®, you must set several stream properties and enable the login to Rational ClearQuest.

About this task

The ClearCase Synchronizer creates a UCMUtilityActivity record in Rational ClearQuest for new changes brought over from IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM). It then sets this record as the UCM activity in the Rational ClearCase® dynamic view used by the synchronization host. All exported changes are checked in against this activity. The ClearCase Synchronizer also adds a work item identifier to the description field of the Rational ClearQuest record for all the work items associated with the exported changes.


  1. In the ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view, right-click the stream that you want to configure support for UCM projects that are enabled for Rational ClearQuest and click Properties to open the stream properties window.
  2. In the Properties window, select ClearCase Provider Properties.
  3. Set the following property values:
    • Set CLEARQUEST_DBSET_NAME to the name of the Rational ClearQuest schema repository for the database that supports the UCM project. This repository must be accessible from the synchronization host.
    • Set CLEARQUEST_LOGIN_NAME to a Rational ClearQuest user name to use with the UCM project.
    • Set CLEARQUEST_USERDB_NAME to the name of the Rational ClearQuest user database used by the UCM project. This database must be accessible from the synchronization host.
  4. In the folder named by the STREAM_SCRIPT_DIR property on the Jazz Provider Properties page, create a text file named name.cq_password where name is the value of the CLEARQUEST_LOGIN_NAME property you set in Step 3.
    The file must contain a single line of the form
    Where xxxxxx is the password of the user named by CLEARQUEST_LOGIN_NAME. The synchronization process ClearCase account must have permission to read this file. It should not be readable by others.
  5. Optional: The ClearCase Synchronizer leaves the UCMUtilityActivity that is it creates in the Active state after a synchronization is complete. If you want to move this activity to a different state (such as Complete or Submitted), go to the ClearCase Provider Properties page and set the value of CLEARQUEST_UCM_RECORD_ACTION to an action keyword such as Complete or Postpone.