Using the extension

Use this extension to go to the linked work items from GitHub Enterprise commit page. In the GitHub enterprise pull request description, use the work item selection pickers to insert a work item number into pull request description.


  1. Create a commit with references to the EWM work items and push the commit to the GitHub repository.

    For example,

    This is the commit message headline

    This commit is for defect 390 task 210

    For standard work item keywords, see Creating links from commit message.
  2. After the commit is pushed, open the commit in GitHub Enterprise web UI.
    The work item references are added as links in the commit message.
    If you do not see the links to the work items,
  3. Click the link to open the EWM work item editor.
  4. In the GitHub Enterprise pull request page, edit the description.
  5. Click the Insert work item icon to access the work item selection picker. Then, search for a work item, select it, and then click OK.
    The work item ID is added to the description.