Lesson 2: Configuring the Rational Build Agent shell script

The Jazz® Build System contains a sample script named startbfa.sh that you can use to start the Rational® Build Agent on your build machine. You can find this script in the @pathPrefix@/usr/lpp/jazz/v6.0.5/buildsystem/buildtoolkit/examples/startbfa directory, where @pathPrefix@ is any prefix you specified during SMP/E installation. This script is required for starting the Rational Build Agent to specify the credentials that Rational Build Agent needs to connect to theJazz Team Server , and also to provide access to libraries needed for Ant with Enterprise Extensions and native compilation. If necessary, you can copy this script to a work directory to modify and execute it.

About this task

The script must be configured to suit your environment. Replace the variable strings in the sample script as described in the following table:
Table 1. Sample script variable strings
Variable Description
@pathPrefix@ Directory path to prefix the Jazz directory.
Note: This is the prefix to the Jazz directory, so your prefix should include any prefix you specified as part of the SMP/E installation, as well as /usr/lpp.
@javaPathPrefix@ Directory path to the IBM® SDK for z/OS® Java™ 2 Technology Edition
@yourUserid@ The Jazz builder user ID
@yourPasswordFile@ The Jazz password file
@zLang@ Encoding used in host files; for example, IBM-037. If you do not specify a value, the default value determined by your z/OS UNIX environment is used.
@timeout@ Timeout value, in seconds, for build step execution. If you do not specify a value, the default value 300 seconds is used.
@stepLib@ STEPLIB DD to use in your z/OS build; for example, BLZ.SBLZLOAD. For more information about using STEPLIB and TASKLIB with z/OS Ant builds, see Using STEPLIB and TASKLIB with z/OS translators.
@bfaBinPath@ Directory path to the Rational Build Agent executable directory
@bfaConfPath@ Directory path to the Rational Build Agent configuration file directory
@yourHomeDirectory@ Your home directory. Use this only when the HOME environment variable is not defined elsewhere.
Note: The home directory path must not contain blanks or $ as these characters (or their national language equivalents) might cause inconsistent results.
@workPath@ Directory path where the metadata are stored for PDSEs. User IDs performing team or personal builds need write access to the directory @workpath@/build and at least read and execute access to its parent directories.
Tip: Run the startbfa.sh build agent shell script when you are ready to start the Rational Build Agent and to accept build requests.