Sharing folders in Advanced mode

When you work with a team, you might develop a new folder in your sandbox and test it before making it available to others; or you might use a folder that you got from another source, such as another development team that does not use Engineering Workflow Management source control. When you are ready to share a new folder with your team, you can share it into a Engineering Workflow Management source control component.


  1. From a Windows Explorer window, navigate to a folder in your sandbox folder that you want to share in source control. Right-click the folder; then click Engineering Workflow Management > Share.
    Important: You should not share a folder that is located at a root directory, such as C:\, because the system automatically selects the root directory as the sandbox location.
    Note: You can also share a folder from the Control Panel.
  2. In the Share Project in Jazz wizard, on the Select Component page, select the repository and component to share with:
    • To share the folder into a repository workspace and component, make sure that Select a component in an existing repository workspace is selected; expand the repository workspace list, and select a component.
    • To share the folder into a new component in a repository workspace, select the repository workspace and click New Component. Enter a name for the new component and click OK. Select the new component in the list.
    • To share the folder into a new component in a new repository workspace, select Create a new repository workspace named. Enter a name for the workspace, and click Next. On the Select a Stream page: if you select Share with a component from an existing stream, select the stream and component that you want changes to flow to. If you select Just back up my work. Don't flow changes to a stream yet, your changes are backed up to a component that has the same name as your new repository workspace.
  3. Click Next.
  4. On the Review Ignored Resources page, you can specify to not share certain files in source control. The wizard consists of default ignore patterns. The list of patterns grows every time you add new ignore patterns.
  5. Click Finish. The added project is displayed in the Outgoing folder of the component in the Pending Changes view.