Checking in change sets in Advanced mode

Check in unresolved changes to a change set.

About this task

Engineering Workflow Management source control tracks changes that you make in your sandbox and displays them in the Pending Changes view. Each modified component in a sandbox can include an Unresolved folder, an Outgoing folder, or both. These folders contain the changes you have made.

Changes that you make to files and folders in your sandbox accumulate in the Unresolved folder for the component until you check them in to a change set. If you selected the Auto check-in local changes preference, then the changes are automatically checked in to the current change set for the component and are displayed in an Outgoing folder. Changes listed in an Unresolved folder remain private to your sandbox until you check them in.


  1. From a Windows Explorer window, navigate to the unresolved changes. Right-click the changes; then click Engineering Workflow Management > Check-In.
    Tip: You can also check in your changes from the Pending Changes view.
  2. Optional: To change a check-in comment after checking in changes, right-click the changes; then click Engineering Workflow Management > Edit Check-in Comment.
  3. Optional: Set a preference so that local changes are automatically checked in:
    1. Go to Manage Preferences > Check-In Policies.
    2. In the Check-In Policies window, select Auto check-in local changes.
    3. Click Save.