Accepting incoming change sets

To add incoming change sets to your workspace, accept them.

About this task

When other team members deliver change sets to the current flow target of your repository workspace, those change sets are displayed in an Incoming folder in the Pending Changes view.

To accept all incoming change sets, click the Accept all change sets icon icon in the Pending Changes toolbar.


  1. Navigate to the component's Incoming folder and review the change sets. If a change set is associated with a work item, the work item is displayed in the folder with the change set. You can open the work item to learn more about the change set.
    If the change set includes a potential conflict, Engineering Workflow Management source control places icon overlays Potential conflict overlay icon beside the folders that include the conflict. For more information, see Finding and resolving conflicts.
  2. Right-click the change set and click Accept to accept it into your repository workspace. If the Incoming folder contains multiple change sets, you can accept all of them by right-clicking the folder and clicking Accept.