Adding IBM Developer for z/OS to an existing Engineering Workflow Management installation

You can add IBM® Developer for z/OS resources (such as members in MVS™ subprojects) to IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) using the Share members as zFiles wizard. You can also add resources managed by IBM Engineering Workflow Management for System z® (called zFiles) to MVS subprojects in IBM Developer for z/OS using the Load zFiles to z/OS wizard.

The first time you share IBM Developer for z/OS resources to a repository workspace in Engineering Workflow Management, or load Engineering Workflow Management resources from a repository workspace into MVS subprojects, you must associate a build context with the repository workspace.

A build context is a collection of metadata from a build definition. You can specify additional properties for the build context the first time you share or load to a specific repository workspace. The association between the repository workspace and a build context remain as long as there are shared artifacts present in the local eclipse workspace. The build context describes how artifacts associated with the repository workspace should be built.

The data set prefix and variable substitution values defined in the build context establish the characteristics of your z/OS® sandbox. Source-controlled files are extracted to your z/OS sandbox and then built from your z/OS sandbox. Once a build context is associated with a repository workspace, all future share or load operations involving the same repository workspace must use that build context, unless all MVS subproject members that are associated with the zFiles in a repository workspace have been disconnected.

For detailed examples of the setup required before you share or load zFiles, see Using an Ant with Enterprise Extensions build to compile a COBOL application.