Verify exported files in Rational ClearCase

In this lesson, you view the edited file from the previous lesson in Rational® ClearCase®.

About this task

Changes that you deliver to the stream are synchronized with Rational ClearCase by the synchronization process. Synchronization is bidirectional: new versions that are selected by the Rational ClearCase stream are imported into the ClearCase Synchronized Stream in IBM® Engineering Workflow Management source control, and then new versions selected by the synchronized stream are exported to Rational ClearCase.

To view the exported files in Rational ClearCase:


  1. From the ClearTeam Navigator in Rational ClearCase, expand the folders, and double-click the project that contains the file you changed in the previous lesson to open it.
  2. In the ClearTeam Details page, right-click the file, and then click Open.


The file is updated with the change you made in the previous lesson.

Rational ClearCase with file change from previous lesson.

In the next lesson, you create a schedule for future synchronizations, and run a synchronization.