Delivering changes in a synchronized environment

A ClearCase® Synchronized Stream can be used like any other IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) stream. You can create change sets in your repository workspace, deliver them to a synchronized stream, and accept changes that other EWM users or the synchronization process have delivered to the synchronized stream.

About this task

Changes that you deliver to the stream are synchronized with Rational® ClearCase by the synchronization process. Synchronization is bidirectional: new versions that are selected by the Rational ClearCase stream are imported into the ClearCase Synchronized Stream in EWM, and then new versions selected by the synchronized stream are exported to Rational ClearCase. If the same file or folder has been modified in both streams, the merge workspace owner must resolve the conflicts; deliver the merged content to the synchronized stream; and either request a synchronization or wait for the next scheduled one to occur.


To create a workspace in which you can modify items in a synchronized stream, use the normal process for creating a repository workspace:

  1. Create a repository workspace.
  2. On the Select a Stream page of the New Repository Workspace wizard, select Flow with a stream and select the synchronized stream as the one to flow with.
  3. Select the components to load and load the workspace.


Changes that you deliver to the synchronized stream are synchronized with Rational ClearCase the next time that a synchronize operation is performed on that stream. Changes that are made in Rational ClearCase are displayed as incoming changes for that repository workspace after synchronization is complete.