Resolving conflicts during synchronization

Incoming change sets from synchronizations with Rational® ClearCase® can introduce conflicts with change sets in the synchronized stream. These conflicts must be resolved before synchronization can complete.

About this task

During the first phase of synchronization, a change set containing the changes from Rational ClearCase is created in a special workspace (called the CLONE workspace) that is owned by the synchronization process IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) account, and an attempt is made to deliver this change set to the synchronized stream. If this attempt is blocked because there are conflicts between this change set and change sets that are already in the synchronized stream, the ClearCase Synchronized Streams view displays a warning icon and sets the synchronized stream status to Merge required (accept changes from CLONE workspace). Use EWM tools to resolve these conflicts in the merge workspace.


To resolve the conflicts:

  1. Log in to the EWM repository as the user who owns the merge workspace associated with the synchronized stream that has a status of Merge needed.
    This is typically the synchronized stream creator account.
  2. To ensure that the conflicts are visible in the Pending Changes view, set the Flow targets preference to Show all (advanced)
    1. On the main menu bar, click Window > Preferences.
    2. Expand the Team entry and the Jazz Source Control entry it contains.
    3. On the Changes page, in the Filtering in Pending Changes view area, look for Flow targets and select Show all (advanced).
    4. Click OK.
    When the New ClearCase-Synchronized Stream wizard creates a ClearCase Synchronized Stream, it ensures that the associated merge workspace has the synchronized stream and the CLONE workspace as flow targets, so that incoming changes from the CLONE workspace are visible to the merge workspace owner.
  3. Accept all incoming change sets (from the synchronized stream and the CLONE workspace).
    Accepting an incoming change set that conflicts with your workspace contents enables the EWM conflict resolution tools. Follow the procedures in Finding and resolving conflicts to resolve these conflicts.
  4. After the conflicts have been resolved, deliver the merged change sets to the synchronized stream.
    Restriction: You cannot deliver outgoing change sets to the CLONE workspace (an attempt to do so fails with permission denied), but the next successful synchronization finishes this delivery.