Renaming components

You can rename a component if you have the required permissions. Every component has an internal UUID, which cannot be modified. This UUID is unique for every component, so multiple components can have the same name. If you rename a component in one location, it renames it everywhere. For example, if a component is in multiple streams and you rename it in one stream, the component is renamed everywhere that it is located, such as streams or workspaces.


  1. Ensure that you have permissions to rename a component:
    1. Open the project area editor, and click the Process Configuration tab.
    2. Click Team Configuration > Permissions.
    3. In the Permitted actions area, navigate to Source Control > Save Component (server) > Modify > Component > Attributes and confirm that Modify the component name is selected.
  2. In the Team Artifacts view, navigate to a component. Right-click; then, click Rename.
  3. In the Component Name window, rename the component and click OK.