Reversing change sets

If you want to undo the delivery of a change set, you can create a change set that reverses all the changes in it and then deliver the reversed change set.

About this task

By using the Reverse operation, you can undo a delivery by creating a special change set that, when applied to a flow target, removes the changes that are made by a change set without removing the change set itself. When you remove a change set from a sandbox or stream, it is displayed as an outgoing change set bearing the original owner and creation date. Reversing a change set accomplishes the same thing as removing it, and avoids this occasionally confusing side effect. Reverse creates a Engineering Workflow Management source control patch that, when merged into your sandbox, removes the changes that were made in a specific change set (the change set that it was created to reverse), and creates a new change set. You can deliver this change set to reverse those changes in sandbox flow targets.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, navigate to the component that contains the change set you want to remove.
    Note: You can reverse a completed change set that is still in your sandbox; however, it is easier to modify, undo, or discard an undelivered change set, and use the Reverse operation for change sets that have already been delivered.
  2. Right-click the component and click Show > History.
  3. Navigate to the change set that you want to reverse. Right-click it and then click Reverse.
    This creates a Engineering Workflow Management source control patch named Reverse:name_of_change_set, which is displayed in the Pending Patches folder in the Pending Changes view.
  4. If there are any active change sets in the sandbox, you must either complete or suspend them.
    If you merge a patch into a sandbox that contains active change sets, the patch content is applied to the active change sets.
  5. Expand the patch and review its contents to be sure that merging it does not introduce conflicts.
  6. After you are sure that no conflicts have resulted from merging the patch, right-click the new change set and click Auto Resolve to merge the patch into your sandbox.
    The merge creates unresolved changes in the components affected by the patch. Check in these changes and deliver them to reverse the change set you selected in Step 3.