Delivering change sets in Advanced mode

To make your work available to your team, you must deliver the change sets that contain your work.

Before you begin

Check in your change sets. For instructions to check in changes, see Checking in change sets in Advanced mode.

About this task

Every change set that you deliver is associated with a work item. You deliver the change set and then open the work item to change the status to resolved. Alternatively, you can deliver the change set and resolve the work item simultaneously by using the Deliver and Resolve Work Item option.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, find the component that contains the change set, and expand the Outgoing folder.
  2. Optional: You can specify a non-default flow target before you deliver changes. If you want to change the flow target to a different repository, make sure that distributed source control is enabled. For more information, see Flowing changes to different repositories.
    1. In the Pending Changes view, right-click the repository workspace, and click Change Flow Target.
    2. Optional: To change the flow target to a different repository, in the Select a Stream or Workspace window, click Repository. In the Select a Repository window, select the target repository from the list and then click OK.
    3. In the Select a Stream or Workspace window, select from the list of targets you added to your repository workspace, or enter a text string to search for another stream or workspace.
  3. Right-click the change set, and then click Deliver and Resolve Work Item.
    Tip: To deliver all outgoing change sets using the Engineering Workflow Management Shell tray icon, right-click the icon; then click Work with Team > Deliver All Changes.
  4. Optional: If you have not associated a work item with the change set, in the Deliver and Resolve window, associate a work item to the change set.
  5. Optional: In the Deliver and Resolve window, enter information about the change. If other team members must approve the change, add them as approvers.
    1. Add a comment to describe the change set.
    2. Click Add to add approvers.
    3. Enter a subject for the approval process.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Optional: To deliver changes from a Windows Explorer window:
    1. Navigate to your sandbox. Right-click on a file or folder that contains changes that you want to deliver; then click Engineering Workflow Management > Deliver.
    2. In the Deliver Change Sets window, you can select one or more change sets and review the changes that you want to deliver. Right-click on change sets and use the context menu items to associate or remove work items or change requests, edit comments, or move changes to a new change set.
      Note: You can add multi-line comments in the comments field.
    3. To deliver the change set, click OK.

What to do next

If the outgoing change sets were not already completed, they are automatically marked as complete, and are then delivered to the flow targets of your workspace.