Viewing the build output records file

The build output records file is an XML file that contains the information about output objects to be built according to the build specification.

About this task

A build goes through each output object specified in all builders of a build specification to determine if the output object needs to be built. If the output object needs to be built, the build logs the information to the build output records file. The output objects with no need to build are not recorded in the file. This could happen if an output object is already up to date. If there is no output object specified for a builder in the build specification, the output object record for that builder will not be recorded in the file.

The output records are grouped under project and builder hierarchy. For each project, you can find all builders that have their output object in the build. For each builder, you can find the information about each output object. The inputs for the output object are also listed under the output record.

The output record shows the resolved output object name and the build status. The build status may be one of these values:

BUILD_SUCCESSFUL: output object was built successful
BUILD_FAILED: output object failed to build or update
BUILD_OUTPUT_NOT_FOUND: could not find output object after the build. Errors might occur during the build of this output object
UNDETERMINED: output object status was not determined. This is the initial status of an output object in the build output records file. The status is updated to one of above values after a builder is finished. If the status remained as UNDETERMINED after a build is finished, it usually indicates some errors or an interruption of the build occurred.

To open the build output records file:


  1. Open the build result in the build result editor if it has not been opened yet. To open the build result:
    1. From the Team Artifacts view, expand the node for the project area; then expand Builds folder and locate a build definition in the list.
    2. Right-click the build definition name to bring up the popup menu. Click Show Build Results to bring up the Builds view.
    3. Find the build result in the list. The label of the result is the timestamp when the build is submitted.
    4. Double click the build result to open it in the Build Result Editor.
  2. Click on the Logs tab.
  3. The Log Files table lists the log files generated for the build request. Find the file that has a name starting with bldrec.
  4. Double click the file to see the output records.