Updating the ClearCase Synchronizer environment after server rename: Test-staging scenario

After you perform a server rename operation, you might need to complete more steps to ensure that the ClearCase Synchronizer works as expected.

About this task

These instructions apply to a test-staging environment in the production-data scenario.


  • To continue to integrate the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) production environment with the Rational® ClearCase® production environment after a server is renamed, you do not need to modify the synchronizer or the importer. If the ELM production URL is not changed, the synchronizer and importer are integrated with the ELM production environment.
  • Do not integrate the ELM staging environment with the Rational ClearCase production environment, especially for the synchronizer. If those environments are integrated, the synchronizer can copy data from the ELM staging environment to the Rational ClearCase production environment. To ensure that the SCM data is not replicated, do not start the synchronization engine in the ELM staging environment.
  • To test the synchronization with the ELM staging environment, create a synchronized stream in the Rational ClearCase staging environment, rather than reusing the synchronized stream that was originally created in the production environment.