Requesting a component promotion

You can request a component promotion from the Team Artifacts view. You can also change build options, change build properties, change promotion options, select components to promote, and request a build preview.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand the project folder.
  2. Expand the Enterprise Extensions node, and the Promotions node, right-click a promotion definition, and select Promote Components.
    The Request Build wizard opens.
  3. Optional: To change any of the options, properties, or components, expand that section.
    Note: Changes to the options, properties, or components that you make in the component promotion request wizard override the selections in the promotion definition.
  4. Optional: To request a build preview to see what is being promoted before the promotion build runs, expand the Promotion Build Options section and select the Preview build check box.
    Note: Nothing is promoted when you run a Preview build.
  5. Click Submit.
    A list of recent promotion results is displayed.
  6. Find the promotion with the time stamp that matches your promotion.
    A preview promotion includes (Preview) in the label.
  7. Double-click the promotion result to open the promotion results editor.
  8. Click either the Downloads tab or the External Links tab and click the links to open the promotionInfo.xml file or the promotionReport.xml file. If you requested a preview build, the promotionInfo.xml file lists the files that will be promoted when you run the promotion build.
    This input file for the promotion process indicates which output files and source build maps to copy to the target location during the promotion. In a promotion preview, the promotionInfo.xml file lists the output files and source build maps that will be promoted when the promotion runs.
    This output file that is generated by the promotion process lists the links to the build maps that were promoted to the target location during a promotion build. The report is empty if no build maps are promoted. A promotionReport.xml file is not generated in a promotion preview.