Subscribing to plans

You can subscribe to plans and read the feeds as they become available.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand Plans.
  2. Right-click the plan that you want to subscribe to, and then click Subscribe to plan changes.
  3. To view your feed, in the Team Artifacts view, expand Feeds. All feeds that you are subscribed to are listed under Feeds folder and are automatically refreshed as new events come in.
  4. Double-click a feed to open the feed reader.
  5. In the toolbar, click the Expand All icon (Expand all) to expand and read the items in a newspaper-like format.
    Note: You can also expand the items by clicking Expand All under the timeline. If the items are already expanded, you have the option to Collapse All.
  6. In the toolbar, click the Show Sidebar icon (Show Sidebar) to display the Sidebar if it is hidden.
  7. Use the various filters to customize the feed reader page.

What to do next

You can add feeds to the News Feed widget on your dashboard. For more information, see Predefined widgets in the local catalog and Adding a widget. To copy the URL to add to the News Feed widget, right-click the feed in the Eclipse client, and then click Copy Feed URL.