Lesson 2: Add resources to the project plan

In this lesson, you identify the resources to work on the project. You add the resources to the project and specify the dates and hours for which they are required. Choose from the users who are added to the project area.

About this task

To allocate resources to the release plan:


  1. Open the project release plan, and click the Resources tab.
  2. Click Add Resources.
  3. Click Select users, and type the user name in the search field.
  4. Select the matching user, and then click Add. Repeat until all users are added, and then click Close.
  5. In the Start date, End date, and Hours required fields, specify the time period and hours for which the resources are required, and then click Check Availability.

    Add users window

  6. From the availability results, select the resources to add to the project plan, and then click Add and Close.
    Note: You can later define the roles and modify the dates and hours for each resource. You can also add and remove resources.


On the Resources tab of your plan, you can see a list of resources who are allocated to your project plan and their allocation dates and percentages.

What to do next

To assign roles to the resources, see Assigning roles to a user. To modify the resource allocations, see Managing project resources.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you allocated resources to a release plan and specified the dates and hours for which they must be available.