Lesson 1: Create a release plan for the project

In this lesson, you create a project release plan. You also define the overall project schedule and scope.

About this task


  1. Define the project schedule by assigning the required dates to the decision gates, phases, and iterations.
    1. Log in to the Project Administration area.
      Note: You must have the appropriate project area permissions (Modify Project Area) and a minimum of stakeholder license with JazzUser repository permissions.
    2. On the Active Project Areas page, click your project area. Click the Timelines tab.
    3. Expand the timeline to view the default project phases that are supplied with the process template. You can add or remove the project phases.
    4. To follow an iterative development model, add one or more development iterations to the project phases.
    5. Select a phase or iteration, click Edit Properties, and assign dates to each phase and iteration.
      Timelines tab showing project phases
    6. Click Save.
  2. Create the Plan types to contain the project milestones and the high-level business needs for the project.
    To learn about creating plans, see Creating iteration plans.
  3. Define the project requirements and scope.
    1. In the web client, go to your project area. Click Work Items.
    2. Create high-level business needs or change requests for each requirement in the project. For example, you might create a business need for the following requirement: "As a user, I want to create a user profile with user credentials, a work environment, and repository permissions."
      Note: If your business analyst created a requirements plan for the project, you can link the development plan to the requirements plan. For more information about linking to the requirements plan, see Linking development plans.
    3. For each business need, enter an initial effort estimate in the Estimate field.


You now have a project timeline and a project release plan with high-level business needs and change requests that define the scope of your project.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you defined the project schedule and scope. You also learned about project release plans and how to create them.