Getting started: Project administrator

If you are a project leader or have been tasked with setting up a project area, these tasks can get you started.

About this task

Teams perform their work within the context of a project area. A project area is an area in the repository where information about one or more software projects is stored. A project area defines the project deliverables, team structure, process, and schedule. You access all project artifacts, such as plans, work items, requirements, test cases, and files under source control within the context of a project area.

Key concepts

See the following topics for details about project administration concepts that are important to understand before you begin to set up a project area.

The following figure shows the basic workflow for setting up a project area. The boxes in the figure are links to corresponding topics that describe each task in detail. For example, click the Create project area box to open the Create project area topic.

This figure is a workflow diagram that shows the following project administrator tasks: Create
project area, Create timelines and iterations, Create team areas, Create work item categories, Add
members, Assign roles to members, Assign administrative privileges, Configure read access, and
Configure operation preconditions. Create project area Create timelines and iterations Create team areas Create work item categories Add members Assign roles to members Assign administrative privileges Configure read access Configure operation preconditions

What to do next

After you set up the project area, team areas, iterations, and work item categories, optionally perform the following tasks:

Tutorial: The JUnit example project is a great way to start exploring. Complete the following tutorial to get started: Explore the Engineering Workflow Management Junit example project.