Standardize process in your organization by using project area process sharing

This tutorial describes how to use the project area process sharing feature to standardize the process that project areas across your organization use. By using process sharing, you can also centralize process management.

Learning objectives

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do the following tasks:
  • Create a project area and make its process shareable so that other project areas can consume its process.
  • Create a process template by starting with another process template.
  • Configure initialization in a template so that when a user creates a project area that is based on that template, team areas, streams, and components are created in the project area.
  • Configure a project area to consume the process of another project area.
  • Verify that a consuming project area uses the process from a project area that shares its process.
  • Override an inherited process in a consuming project area.
  • Prevent consuming project areas from overriding the process that they inherit from a project area that shares its process.

Time required

Plan to spend one to two hours on this tutorial.

Additional information

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