Requesting a Linux package

A Linux® package build uses the information in a Linux package definition to generate an archive of deployable binary files as a compressed file. Create and configure your Linux package definition, then request a package that is based on those specifications.


  1. Expand your project area, then Enterprise Extensions > Packages, then right-click your Linux package definition.
  2. Select Create Package.
    The Request Build wizard opens.
  3. Expand the Timestamp Based Package Options node. You can specify a ship list file. Select a time stamp and package binary files that are newer than your time stamp. Your time stamp must be in this format: YYYYMMDD-HHmmssSSSS, for example, 20130523-1204590526.
  4. Expand the Packaging options node and select Open summary work items.
  5. Click Submit.

What to do next

Check the results of your package request by completing the steps in this task: Checking packaging results.