The repository

Engineering Workflow Management source control uses a secure repository that is hosted on a server and accessed by clients through a URL. The repository stores objects such as streams, work items, and workspaces that help manage change flow. It also stores controlled artifacts that represent and can be retrieved as files or folders in a file system.

The repository is a secure database that is managed by the Jazz® Team Server. It holds all of the objects that are required to support a team process, including components, workspaces, and team areas. Clients connect to a repository by using HTTP.

Team members typically work with a mix of controlled artifacts and ordinary ones. In formal terms, a controlled artifact is an ordinary artifact (a file or directory in the client file system) that has been checked in to a repository workspace. The main distinguishing characteristic of a controlled artifact is that it is stored in the repository as a series of versions that are included in one or more change sets.

Versions of files are distinguished by changes in file contents, properties, file name, and containing folder. Files can be added, moved, renamed, modified, and deleted. Versions of folders are distinguished by changes in folder properties, name, and location in a folder hierarchy. Folders can be added, moved, renamed, and deleted.