Setting permissions and preconditions for Git Push operations

In the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) project area, assign permissions for Git Push operations to roles, and set preconditions on Git Push operations to enforce team processes.

About this task

In EWM, project area administrators and team leads assign roles to users within their project areas and team areas. For each role, you can grant or revoke permission to perform specific operations. You can set permissions for the following Git Push operations:

  • Alter Commit History
  • Create Branch
  • Create Tag
  • Delete Branch
  • Delete Tag
  • Push New Commits

A precondition is a check that is performed before an operation is performed. You can use preconditions to enforce best practices. For example, one of the Git preconditions association of commits with work items that are in a closed state.

For the full list of Git-related preconditions, and details about setting permissions, see Defining Git-related permissions and preconditions.