Deploying pre-receive hooks in the Git repository on a Node.js server

You can configure pre-receive hooks on the Node.js server to enable process enforcement between Git and IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM).

About this task

The following steps assume that the Git repositories are present in /var/gitrepos on a Linux system. Repeat this task for each Git repository.


  1. Copy the pre-receive hook file from EWM-git-integration-toolkit-install-folder/server/hooks/examples/pre-receive to /var/gitrepos/repository-name/hooks.
  2. Assign executable permission to the file: chmod +x pre-receive.
  3. Open the pre-receive file in a text editor.
  4. Uncomment and set the following optional variables:
    Variable Description
    NODE_EXECUTABLE Optional: Absolute path to the node executable. Required if node executable cannot be found in the system path.
    RTC_GIT_SERVER_TOOLKIT_PATH Optional: Absolute path to the folder where the EWM Git Integration Toolkit has been installed.
    RTC_GIT_SERVER_TRACE_LEVEL Optional: Logging level for the hooks. Set this value to 4 while you set up the integration. Revert it after you validate the integration.