Using quick fix to migrate IBM i Projects with Rational Developer for i

The quick fix option allows you to quickly migrate IBM® i Projects that you created with a version of Rational® Developer for i prior to 7.5.

Before you begin

  • If you created any IBM i Projects with a version of Rational Developer for i that precedes 7.5, you must migrate to a supported format before you can deliver changes.
  • The migration quick fix option is available only if you have already shared your project with your team.
  • If you attempt to deliver an IBM i Project in an unsupported project format, the Team Advisor view will display to indicate the problem and its quick fix.
  • You must already have installed Rational Developer for Power Systems Software V8.0 or higher.

About this task

To migrate your IBM i Project to a supported format:


  1. Under the Solutions heading of the Team Advisor view, click Migrate unsupported i Project Formats. You can also right-click the error message and select Quick Fix > Migrate unsupported i Project Formats.
    Figure shows Quick Fix context menu from error message in the Team Advisor view
  2. You must manually add all project preconditions to your project area. To manually add these preconditions:
    1. Edit the project area and select the Process Configuration tab.
    2. Under Team Configuration, select Operation Behavior.
    3. In the Operations list, select Source Control > Deliver (client) for the appropriate user role.
    4. Under Preconditions, click Add..., and add the Prohibit Unsupported i Project Formats precondition.

What to do next

For more information, see Project and process concepts: Behavior.