Creating release and sprint development plans

Plans describe a set of work items that are to be completed within the specified amount of time. The amount of time is called an iteration. Some iterations are marked as releases, while others are designated as sprints. You can use the note tab in a plan to add wiki-style pages and describe the significant goals for a release or sprint of a development project. In the plan view, you can organize and manage work items and team loads for the plan. Progress is displayed in charts or with progress indicators. You can display at-a-glance information about a plan on its dashboard tab.
Note: In a scrum process, a release plan is called release backlog and an iteration plan is called a sprint backlog.

Planning features for the web client only

Both the Eclipse and web clients support plans. However, these planning features are available in the web client only:
  • Plan links
  • Snapshots
  • Cross-project plans
  • Kanban view
  • Microsoft Project import and export
  • Resource tab (Formal Project Management template only)
  • Human-readable ranking
  • Traceability views
  • Expression filters
  • Hierarchical views by OSLC link types
  • Advanced plan query navigation