Control access to project areas and their artifacts

This tutorial describes how to use access control features to determine who can access a project area and its artifacts, such as work items, streams, and components.

Learning objectives

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do the following tasks:
  • View the access control settings for a project area and understand the default setting.
  • Change the access control setting so that users who are not members of the project area hierarchy have access.
  • Create a work item category and associate it with a team area.
  • Restrict visibility to a work item category, and restrict access to work items that are filed against that category.
  • Create an access group that consists of a team area and specific users.
  • Add the Restricted Access presentation to the work item editor.
  • Control access to specific work items by changing values in the Restricted Access field.
  • Restrict access to streams and components to members of a team area.
  • Restrict access to folders and files under source control to a specific user.

Time required

Plan to spend one to two hours on this tutorial.