Lesson 4.1: Assign a role with necessary permissions to the ClearQuest Synchronizer user

In this lesson, you will learn how to assign a role that has certain permissions to a user account. The Jazz® user account for the Rational® ClearQuest® Synchronizer that you created with the ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup Wizard must be assigned to a role that has Item Connectors permissions.

About this task

Item Connectors permissions allow the user to perform synchronization operations. In the Scrum template, the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles have Item Connectors permissions. In this lesson, you assign the ClearQuest Synchronizer user the Scrum Master role.

To assign a role:


  1. In a web browser, enter the URL for the administrative user interface. For example: https://example.com:9443/ccm/admin.
  2. Log in with the user name and password of the administrative user that you created in a previous lesson.
  3. Click Project Areas > Active Project Areas. Click the project area that you created previously. In the Members section, click the Roles icon next to the cqsynchronizer user account. Select Scrum Master and click Add. Click Finish. Click Save to save the project area.