Enabling logging for the Node.js server

To help with troubleshooting, enable logging of the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) Git Integration Toolkit Node.js server.

About this task

Use the RTC_GIT_SERVER_TRACE_LEVEL environment variable to set the logging trace level before you start the Node.js server.


On Linux, set the environment variable RTC_GIT_SERVER_TRACE_LEVEL to one of the following trace level values and start the server. Running the command in a terminal sets the environment variable only for that session. To set an environment variable for all sessions, consult your system documentation. The default value is 1. A best practice is to set the trace level to 4, Verbose.
For example: export RTC_GIT_SERVER_TRACE_LEVEL=4
Value Trace level
1 Error
2 Warning
3 Informational
4 Verbose