Job Monitor customization

The Job Monitor component depends on the SMP/E installation of FMID HRDV703. You will need the assistance of a security administrator and a TCP/IP administrator to complete this customization task.

Before you begin

This customization task requires the following resources and special customization tasks:
  • APF-authorized data set
  • Various security software updates
  • TCP/IP port for internal communication

About this task

To verify the installation and to start using Job Monitor, you must perform the following tasks. Unless otherwise indicated, all tasks are mandatory.


  1. Define an APF-authorized data set. For details, see PARMLIB changes.
  2. Create a started task procedure. For details, see PROCLIB changes.
  3. Customize the Job Monitor configuration files. For details, see Job Monitor configuration file BLZJCNFG.
  4. Update security definitions. For details, see Job Monitor security.