Setting up builds and viewing results

The Build System Toolkit includes a build engine and Ant build toolkit that help you optimize the Engineering Workflow Management Build environment. If you already have a build engine for your builds, you are not required to use the Jazz Build Engine. The build toolkit is designed for Ant builds, but can be used by any build system that can invoke Ant.


  1. Create or obtain a build script.
  2. Create a build definition that identifies a command that starts the build script.
  3. Create a build engine object to represent the machine that runs the defined build.
    Note: After you create the build definition, you can create the associated build engine from the Overview page of the build definition editor. You can also create the build engine, then associate it with the build definition from the build definition editor Overview page.
  4. Start the build engine process on the build machine. The build engine responds to build requests, runs builds, and publishes results.


After you set up a build, you can request a build, examine the results, and explore the build user interface as a developer and a consumer of what the Engineering Workflow Management Build produces.