Viewing work items in a plan

The Planned Items page of a plan displays the work items associated with the plan. You can customize the work item view.

Before you begin

To view work items in a plan, team members must have assigned work items that are planned for the iteration. The work items must be assigned to categories that are associated with the plan's team area. For more information about work item creation, see Creating work items in the web client.

About this task


  1. To open a plan:
    1. In the web client, click Plans from the menu.
    2. Under the Browse section, click My Current Plans, Current Plans, or All Plans.
      Tip: If you have previously opened the plan, you can click the plan name under the Recent Plans section.
    3. From the All Plans page, click the name of the plan to open.
      Note: By default, the plan opens to the Planned Items tab.
  2. To view work items using a different plan view:
    1. Click the drop-down list next to View As.
    2. Click a plan view. The Planned Items tab displays the work items with the view that you selected.
      Note: For more information on the plan views associated with each plan type, see Plan types. To create custom plan views, see Creating and editing plan views.
  3. To view and edit work item details, description, and discussions:
    1. Hover the mouse pointer over the Actions column, click the down arrow, and then click Edit Work Item.
      Tip: You can also click the summary link for the work item to open it in the work item editor.
    2. Make the changes, and then click Save and Close.
  4. To sort work items using column headers:
    1. Click the header of the column to sort. Work items are sorted in ascending or descending order.