Setting the order of work item state groups

Using the Eclipse client, you can set the display order of work item state groups in a plan by using the work item editor to edit the process configuration source XML code.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view of the Work Items perspective, right-click the project area and select Open.
  2. On the Process Configuration tab, expand Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items, and then click Workflows.
  3. In the State Groups section, notice the order of state groups in the table.
  4. Click the Process Configuration Source tab.
  5. Search for the <configuration-data> section of the XML source and within the section, for the stateGroupDefinition definitions.
    For example, the following XML source defines the state group definitions for a project area. For illustrative purposes, the state group definitions are designated in bold type.
    <configuration-data final="false" id="" xmlns="">
        <stateGroupDefinition category="closed" id="closed" name="Closed" oslcGroup="oslc-closed,oslc-fixed,oslc-reviewed,oslc-verified"/>
        <stateGroupDefinition category="inprogress" id="open" name="Open" oslcGroup="oslc-inprogress"/>
        <stateGroupDefinition category="inprogress" id="inprogress" name="In Progress" oslcGroup="oslc-inprogress"/>
  6. Move a stateGroupDefinition definition above or below another one to change the order.
  7. Click Save to save your changes.


The order of the work item state groups is changed.