Requiring approvals for state transitions

You can configure work item types to require that they are approved before users can transfer work items from one state to another.


To configure a work item type to require an approval in the Eclipse client:

  1. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click the project area and select Open.
  2. In the Project Area editor, click the Process Configuration tab. Expand Team Configuration and click Operation Behavior.
  3. Click the Save Work Item cell for the role to which you want to add the precondition.
  4. In the Preconditions section, click Add. Select Required Approvals. Click OK.
  5. Expand the work item type, such as Defect or Task, to which you want to add the precondition. Select the state for which you want the precondition to apply.
  6. Click Edit. Select one or more approvals. For example, you might want to require approvals of types Approval and Verification. Click OK.
  7. Click Save to save your changes to the project area.


When a user tries to save a work item that requires an approval for a state transition, and the work item is not approved, the save operation fails and a message is displayed in the Team Advisor.