Grouping work items in plans

You can use the plan views to organize work items in a plan. Plan views define whether a plan is displayed as a tree, a taskboard, or as a flat list. They also specify which work items to exclude, how work items are sorted and grouped, what kind of progress is computed, or if work items are to be colorized. Every process template includes a predefined set of plan views. They are designed to support best practices. However, you can modify existing plan views and create new ones to suit your team’s needs.

About this task

Each plan type has a different set of plan views. Open a plan and in the Planned Items tab, select a plan view from the View As drop-down list. You can also create new plan views.

For more information about plan views, see creating plan views topic.

For more information about plan views associated with a plan type, see the different plan types.

In addition to plan views to organize work items, you can also drag work items in a plan. When you drag work items the required attributes are simultaneously modified.