Changing the ranking of work items

You can change the rank of a work item from the Planned Items tab.


  1. On the Planned Items tab, in the Rank column, click the rank of the work item to edit.
  2. Type the new rank, and press Enter.

    Item rank is changed by manually entering new ranking.

    The work item is ranked, and the rank of all the work items are reordered.

    • If you change the rank of a work item to a number that results in a gap in the ranking order, a dialog box is displayed with this message: "The number entered creates a gap in the plan ranking. Proceed with assigning the next available rank (rank number) to the plan item?" The rank number is the next available rank.
    • Child items in a tree view show a composite rank, such as 2.3, which contains the rank of the parent and its child items. Only the last segment of the rank can be edited.
    • Changing the rank of a work item in one plan affects the rank of that work item in all plans. Changing the rank of a work item with child items does not change the rank of the child items relative to work items in other plans.
  3. Click Save.