Integrating EWM and Rational ClearCase

IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) includes Rational ClearCase connectors that support operations between EWM and Rational ClearCase.

  • The ClearCase Synchronizer supports bidirectional synchronization between Rational ClearCase source control and EWM.
  • The ClearCase Baseline Importer supports one-directional importation of Rational ClearCase source control, with history, to EWM.
  • The ClearCase Version Importer supports one-directional importation of all Rational ClearCase versions in any branches in a single operation, replicating the version branching in EWM and preserving the checked-in user information.
  • The ClearCase Bridge supports associations between Jazz® Team Server work items and Rational ClearCase UCM activities or Rational ClearCase element versions.
For IBM i
operating systemNote: EWM on IBM i integrates with Rational ClearCase. However, if you are running Jazz Team Server on IBM i, integration with this product is provided only as a technical preview. There is no implied support when running the team server on IBM i