Integrating Engineering Workflow Management and Microsoft Source Code Control Interface

Engineering Workflow Management provides several ways for teams that use both Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MS-SCCI) and Engineering Workflow Management source control to collaborate. MS-SCCI is an interface specification that enables source control providers to integrate with other Microsoft Windows applications which understand this interface. MS-SCCI also enables Windows applications to use the source control services of a compliant source control provider.

MS-SCCI Integration is based on the Source Control Plug-in APIs (MS-SCCI API). To integrate, the source control plug-in implementer writes a DLL that exports the Source Control Plug-in APIs for source control integration. For information about how to create and register this plug-in, see This interface provides source control functions, such as checkout and checkin. For information about the list of APIs that are implemented and exported by this plug-in, see