Configuring the Git repository in a plain Git hosting server

You need to configure the Git repository so that it can communicate with the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) server with which it is registered.

About this task

The following steps assume that the Git repositories are present in /var/gitrepos on a Linux system.


  1. Locate the Git repository folder under /var/gitrepos.
  2. Update the Git repository config file to identify the EWM server URL and the value of the Key field in the Git repository that is registered with EWM.
    1. In the web client, log on to the Change and Configuration Management page. For example, go to https://host_name:9443/ccm/web.
    2. Click Source Control > Work with Git.
    3. Click Browse Registered Git Repositories.
    4. Select the repository that you registered.
    5. Copy the value next to the Key field.
    6. Open the config file under /var/gitrepos/repository-name in a text editor.
    7. Add the following lines to the end of the file:
               repourl = URL-of-the-server
               repokey = key-from-step-e
    8. Save the config file.