Searching for workspaces or streams

A project area can have multiple workspaces and streams. If you need to search a particular workspace or stream, use the search operation.

Before you begin

Before you search for a workspace or a stream, ensure that the workspace or stream is available in the repository and that you are connected to the repository.


  1. In Microsoft Visual Studio, click IBM Engineering Workflow Management > Search > Repository Workspaces or Streams.
  2. In Repository, select a repository.
    If you are not connected to the repository, click Logon to get connected.
  3. Optional: In Name or pattern, type a text string that identifies the name of the workspace or stream.
  4. Optional: In Owned by, select the owner of the workspace or stream.
  5. Optional: To limit the number of search results, in the Max resultsfield, type a numeric value.
  6. Optional: To search only workspaces, click Workspaces. To search only streams, click Streams.
  7. Click Search.
    The search result is displayed in the Engineering Workflow Management Search tool window.

What to do next

Now, you can right-click a workspace or a stream and do any of the following operations:
  • Show Repository Files: Shows the repository files of the workspace or the stream in the Repository Files tool window.
  • Load: Loads the sandbox with the repository files. This option is available only for workspace.
  • Unload: Unloads the sandbox by removing the files. This option is available only for workspace.
  • Compare With: Compares the workspace or stream with another workspace or stream.