Requesting a personal build for IBM i Build Specification builds

You can request a personal build that runs on a repository workspace that you specify and does not affect the build definition status.

About this task

Personal builds do not accept incoming changes, even if the option to accept incoming changes is enabled in the build definition.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand the project area node.
  2. Expand the Builds folder and select the build definition you want to run to build your IBM® i application.
  3. Right-click the build definition and select Request Build.
  4. To request a personal build that does not impact the build definition status and that runs on a repository workspace that you specify, in the Dependency Build Options section, select Personal Build.
  5. Click Browse to select your personal repository workspace to use for the build.
  6. Select one of the load options to determine what source code is loaded for the build.
  7. Select i Project to Library Mappings and Build Order.
    The i Project to Library Mappings and Build Order section, lists all the IBM i Projects with the "Build Specification" build type that are found in your personal repository workspace. The Build column lets you indicate if this i Project will be built. The second column lists the name of the i Project. The Load Library column is used to specify where the contents of this i Project should be loaded. The contents of the i Project that are loaded to this library depends on the setting defined in the Load Options section. The Object Library column specifies the library where objects are built for this i Project. The load library and object libraries will be created if they do not exist.
  8. To modify the settings for an i Project, select the i Project in the table and click Edit. In the dialog, specify the load library, object library, and whether to build the i Project or not and click OK.
    • Repeat this process for each i Project as a load and object library are required to be set.
    The Move Up and Move Down buttons allow you to control the order in which the projects are built. The projects will be built in the order specified unless a project has a dependency on another project, in which case the dependent projects are run first.
    Note: IBM i Projects that are not checked to be build will be built if other i Projects that are selected to build have project dependencies on them. Project dependencies are defined in the build specification for the project. All projects, even those not selected to be built, are loaded to their libraries to fulfill possible build dependencies.
  9. Optional: To change build properties, expand the Build Properties section and use the Add, Remove, or Edit buttons to update the build property names and values in the list. The build properties that you specify here override any build properties that are specified in the build definition or build engine.