Loading an IBM i Project from the Jazz® Team Server

To work with the contents of an IBM® i Project, load it to your workspace from the repository.

Before you begin

To edit the contents of an i Project stored in the repository, you must load the i Project to your sandbox. Next, use the i Projects perspective to modify the contents of the i Project.

About this task

When the IBM i Project is loaded for the first time from the repository, some required IBM i Project properties are not included. (The missing properties are indicated with a red X next to the project.) To include the required properties, perform these steps:


  1. Right-click the IBM i Project and select Properties.
    The Properties editor opens.
  2. Choose your host connection from the list in the Connection field or click the New button to create a new connection.
  3. Enter the name for the Associated Library or use the Browse button to navigate to it.
    Figure shows panel for i Project properties
    Note: These properties settings exist only on the workspace in which the i Project is used and are not shared to the repository. Each user who loads an IBM i Project is required to specify these properties.