The Git Integration Diagnostics page allows you to troubleshoot issues that occur when integrating GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and GitLab with EWM through web hooks.

Enabling Git Integration Diagnostics

By default, Git integration diagnostics is unavailable. You can enable it by going to the Advanced Properties page of your server and setting the Git Integration Diagnostics Enabled property to true.

Using Git Integration Diagnostics Issues

The diagnostics page lists the issues that are related to EWM Git Integration along with the suggested resolution for each issue. The list also shows the first time that the issue occurred and the most recent time the issue was observed by the system. The value in the Count column shows the number of times the issue occurred. Each issue can be resolved or ignored, and they can be viewed at any time. You can ignore, resolve, or delete multiple issues and filter issues based on its status. You can also delete an issue to remove it permanently.

Note: For troubleshooting issues with Git file system hooks (per-receive and post-receive), see Other errors