Missing Repository Key

In the Git integration diagnostics page, if you see an issue with the missing repository key category, complete these procedures to resolve the issue.

About this task

After you register the Git repository, or locate the existing registered repository, edit the EWM webhook with missing repository key. You can replace the webhook URL with the URL from Git repository registration page.


  1. Locate the Git repository registration in EWM. For more information, see Locating a Registered Git repository in EWM
    1. If you do not have a registered Git repository in EWM, see Registering the GitHub repository in EWM and Registering the GitLab repository in EWM.
  2. Click the registered repository.
  3. Expand the Host Server Configuration section, and then click Copy next to the webhook.
  4. Open the Git Hosting server web UI and edit the webhook settings.
    1. Open the Git Hosting server page for webhooks.
    2. Locate the webhook that begins with the EWM server URL.
    3. If there is more than one webhook, then make sure that the end of the webhook URL does not have a repokey text or does not have a value after the text ‘repokey=’.
    4. After you locate the webhook, replace the entire URL with the URL copied in step 3.