Using the user editor commands to retrieve recent and in progress work items

In the user editor of the Eclipse client, you can run commands to retrieve work items that you recently resolved and items that you are currently working on.

About this task

The Show Recent Work and Show In Progress Work commands display items from all project areas in a repository that you have access to, including items from disconnected project areas and archived team areas and project areas.


  1. Open the user editor for a repository connection. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click a repository connection and select Open My User Editor.
  2. On the User editor tab, click the menu button and select a command:
    • Select Show Recent Work to display a list of items that you moved to the Resolved state in the past 10 days.
    • Select Show In Progress Work to display a list of your work items that are in the In Progress state.
    The results are displayed in the Work Items view.
  3. To see the details of an item, double-click the item to open it in the work item editor.